Meet Ericka Whitfield

Ericka Whitfield is an up-and-coming author. I am pleased to introduce her first book entitled JUMP: Journey Unlocking and Unleashing More Possibilities. At present, it is ericka-whitfield-authoravailable on Kindle. She assures me that the paperback is coming. Not only that, she plans to add additional months to the collection in the future.

Ericka Whitfield earned her Associates in Church Leadership and Ministry at Champions Centre College in 2011. She also earned her Masters in Business Administration focusing on Management and Strategy at Western Governor’s University in 2013. Ericka and her husband Robert reside in Tacoma, Washington with their daughter, Shayla.

I have a few questions for this author. I want to get to know her better.

  1. Brigitta: My most pressing question is, how does it feel to press the publish button for the first time? I did it years ago and can not remember the feeling.

Ericka: Before I pressed the button, I wondered what else I needed to do, other than press the button. Not a single thing came to mind. I could not think of anything I needed to do except to press the button. I felt scared and relieved pressing the publish button.

2. Brigitta: What is your favorite type of music?

Ericka: I like jazz and gospel music.

3. Brigitta: What would you consider a good day?

Ericka: A good day? Hmm, that is one to think about. Accomplishing my to-do list makes a good day for me. It lets me know that I am being productive and taking care of things that matter to me.

4.  Brigitta: Who is your favorite author?

Ericka: Joyce Meyer.

5. Brigitta: When all is said and done, what is the most important thing in Ericka Whitfield’s life?

Ericka: Family. My hope is for each of my family members to “JUMP” and find his or her niche in life. Live the life God desires for them.

Ericka Whitfield’s Devotional Journal can be purchased on Amazon.
Ericka Whitfield

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