A Husband’s Will of Fortune is the newest book that will join The Marston Series in the BMB collection (Brigitta Moon Books)

Coming June 2018

Marrying a Rich man was the easy part. Getting the money…Not so easy when everyone wants a chunk to kill him..

Rags to riches. That’s Emmeline’s story. She is only interested in “things” like those of the rich and famous. Her youth and beauty help her to snag a man twice her age with all the money she could want.

Her naivety gets her into hot water. Her husband just happens to be a cosmetic surgeon. His name is Richard; Rich to his friends. Emmeline is happy spending his money and collecting “things” until she discovers she is stuck with Rich—until death do they part.

They sail off on a Murder Mystery cruise. A cruise she hopes will net her one dead husband and a lot of cash. There’s plenty of romance, but happily ever after? Cybil is coming along – the mother-in-law that nightmares are made of.

Cozy mystery readers who like a little naughtiness between the pages will love Emmeline.


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